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Show Up. Embrace The Force. Seize Your Power.

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     KJ Rose is affectionately known as “The Talent Whisperer”. She is a powerful change agent with real world experience (working for Clive Davis & performing with P.Diddy, Carl Thomas, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson) and delivers real world results to young creatives.  It is her creative density and infectious energy that companies such as Google, CAA, ABFF, SXSW, Pandora Media, TriDestined Studios, Google, Univision, OWN TV, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel find compelling and deem her to be the “Ultimate Solution” for their talent. KJ has been commissioned to help activate their Confidence, Occupy their Space, and BLOOM into Being!

     KJ Rose honed her skills while growing up on the south side of Chicago and attending Florida A&M University where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration. KJ attributes her fortitude and tenacity to the Dynamic Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc.

     KJ Rose’s mission is to build Courage and ignite Confidence across the world! And as a H.Y.P.E. Coach, she understands that her assignment is to Shock Systems and Empower you to HONE YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!

Keanna “KJ Rose” Henson

is an Artist Development and Performance Expert to Grammy Award Winning artists who founded “The Rose Effect, LLC", a Global Stage Consultancy that helps creatives, executives, and artists of any discipline while encouraging them to expand beyond their perceived capacity to provide captivating performances on stage, tv/ film, or the boardroom. KJ’s focus is to exponentially expand the levels of Presence, Engagement, Connectivity, and Personalization for every performer she encounters. KJ Rose travels the world (most recently Australia, Ghana, London and Ireland) conducting Performance Workshops and equipping talent with the tools necessary to Occupy Their Space and Trust Themselves to Jump!


For general inquiries or to book a coaching session with TheRoseEffect, email:

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